Our Management Systems

Environment & Sustainability


We recognise the responsibility that comes with delivering significant sized residential and commercial projects and are committed to providing sustainable building solutions.


Through a combination of responsible management and planning, the appropriate allocation of resources to address environmental sensitivities, Auswide Construction Group is committed to the protection of the environment and to the reduction of environmental impacts over all our projects. We actively recycle and dispose of all materials appropriately and in accordance with relevant legislative requirements.

Quality Systems


Quality is much more than systems and procedures. It’s about people. It’s an attitude.

Auswide Construction Group has raised the bar for building excellence, making sure all our employees are accountable. Through them we strive to reach the highest quality standards in all of our construction methods.


Auswide Construction Group operate our own fully documented quality system, based on the principals of ISO9001 and tailored as required to suit specific projects.


Backed by our professional team’s experience with quality management systems and a reputation for excellence, our people undertake their work with confidence and the end goal of innovative, efficient and quality results for the client.

Health & Safety


Safety is first and foremost to our success. Safety is our main goal and we have an exceptional

safety record across all our projects, something we are rightly proud of.

Our approach:


  • Safety is fundamental to a successful business;
  • Committed and visible leadership is essential to a strong safety culture;
  • All incidents are largely preventable through control of risks;
  • Incidents are a learning opportunity;
  • Subcontractors must work safely;
  • Supervisors significantly influence safety performance and culture;
  • A robust safety management system must underpin the safety improvement program; and
  • Legal compliance is the minimum acceptable standard.

We’re committed to responsible Occupational Health & Safety Management. Auswide Construction Group has an ongoing plan of implementing challenging new targets to continuously improve safety, with processes in place to monitor progress and results. Getting better at what we do is all part of the job.


Our safety procedures are in place to ensure that everybody goes home, without harm, at the end of every day.